Grease pump

“The ZEILFELDER grease pump offers numerous advantages for use in various industries and applications. One of the most important advantages is the high reliability and durability of the pump. The construction is robust and designed for a long service life, resulting in high operational reliability.

Another advantage is the precise metering of the grease, which is achieved by the pump’s special metering unit. This allows the grease to be applied precisely to the desired location, resulting in optimum lubrication and effective protection of the machines and equipment.

Due to the use of high-quality materials and components, the ZEILFELDER grease pump is particularly resistant to corrosion and wear. The pump is therefore also suitable for use in harsh environments and under extreme conditions.

Another advantage is the easy handling of the pump. Operation and maintenance are uncomplicated and can be carried out quickly. This enables the pump to be put into operation quickly and minimises downtimes.

The ZEILFELDER grease pump is also very energy efficient and consumes little energy compared to other types of pumps. This leads to a reduction in operating costs and contributes to sustainability and environmental compatibility.

In summary, the ZEILFELDER grease pump offers high reliability, precision, resistance, easy handling, energy efficiency and a long service life. It is therefore an excellent choice for all applications where precise metering and lubrication of grease is required.”