Wax pump

“The ZEILFELDER wax pump offers numerous advantages for processing wax in various applications. The high-performance pump with heating jacket is characterised by high reliability and efficiency and is therefore an excellent choice for wax processing.

A key advantage of the ZEILFELDER wax pump is its ability to pump even very viscous waxes. The pump is specially designed for use in the wax industry and can easily move waxes with high viscosities. This enables effective processing of wax with low energy consumption.

Another strength of the ZEILFELDER wax pump is its precise metering capability. The pump can meter wax in precise amounts, which ensures even and accurate wax processing. This is particularly important for applications in the cosmetics and food industries where precise dosing of wax is required.

In addition, the ZEILFELDER wax pump is easy to maintain and clean. The pumps are robustly built and require minimal maintenance, ensuring reliable and uninterrupted wax processing. They are also easy to disassemble and clean, allowing for quick cleaning and maintenance.

Overall, the ZEILFELDER wax pump offers an excellent solution for wax processing in various industries. With its ability to deliver viscous waxes, precise metering and easy maintenance and cleaning, the pump is an efficient and reliable choice for the wax industry.”