We offer Solutions for all industries in all requested certifications.

Our products porfolio offers gear pumps and rotary lob pumps for most applications. We offer explosion proof and seal-less pumps for the petrochemical industry, pumps with CIP option (cleaning in place), pumps with minimal surface roughness for the pharmaceutical and food industry and high pressure pumps for dynamic applications etc. Our pumps have proven their quality and efficiency for over 85 years in the following industries:

Chemical industry

gear pump chemicals
To meet the needs of the chemical industry we offer in addition to our conventional pump range, special and custom pumps built out of special materials with high performance coating, heating and cooling jacket.


We offer self-priming rotary lobe pumps with heating or cooling jacket and seals such as ATEX, “TA-Luft” or API compliant to deliver crude oil and all types of bitumen including those containing solids.

Pharmaceutical industry

To respond to the requirements of the pharmaceutical industry we have designed pumps with reduced surface roughness down to 4μ, CIP (cleaning in place) cleaning connections and aseptic connections.

Bitumen industry

We offer special low-speed rotary lobe pumps with heating jacket to deliver bitumen and filled bitumen with barium ferrite under working temperatures up to 450°C. Those pumps operate with low-wear and are long lasting due to low revolution speed and special covering.

Automotive industry

We build pumps to deliver solid emulsion and drilling liquids containing aluminium swarf and chips as well as wax, glue, paintings and modern paintings containing solid color pigments and nanoparticles in accordance with the requirements of the automotive industry.

Regenerative energy & nuclear

Our icebear pump range is designed to meet the requirements of the power and regenerative energy sector. They deliver oil or acids and their design makes them highly durable. Our pumps are used in nuclear plants to deliver highly concentrated acids.

Shipping and offshore industry

We offer maritime-grade rotary lobe pumps for offshore applications to deliver heavy oil and machine lube oil. We offer rotary lobe pumps to load and unload liquide chemicals, oil and bitumen filled with solids.

Building industry

Our pumps deliver primary materials, protective agents, white cement, glue, silicone, waste water and filled bitumen for the building industry. We offer pumps for high temperature applications with heating jackets.

Food and candies industry

Our stainless steel CIP rotary lobe pump range is FDA compliant and particulary suitable for the meet and animal feed industry. We offer special pistons avoiding caramelization for sugar based products as chocolate. Our high volume pumps with low-revolution speed can pump liquids with shear sensitive solids as strawberries and nuts while holding clipping under 5%.

Fiber industry

We offer pumps with high systemic pressure and high dosing precision (optional with heating jacket) to deliver synthetic fibers, finishing agent, pigments loaded paints and dyestuffs.

Delivering solids

Our rotary lobe pumps are specially designed to pump liquids with high concentration of solid particles or abrasive products as well as cuttings with cooling lubricant.


Rotary lobe pumps with heating jacket dispatch furan resins and refractory finishings in foundries, mercury, gallium, zinc alloy and stibium alloy up to 450°C.