Retrofit Solutions

Current market observations show that many manufacturers of rotary positive displacement pumps have meanwhile switched off special product series. Special pumping tasks or special equipment (e.g. wear-resistant components, alternative materials) are rarely offered. We offer retrofit and repair solutions for discontinued gear pumps and rotary lobe pumps of well-known manufacturers (see e.g. Lederle Hermetic HP gear pumps, Lederle Hermetic KRH and KRL rotary lobe pumps).

ZEILFELDER offers retrofit solutions for pumps that are no longer in production

As a manufacturer of pumps for special conveying tasks, the manufacture of tailor-made pump solutions for complex tasks is our core business. Our target markets are not limited to the chemical and petrochemical industries, but also include applications in the general and food industries. The reliability and long service life of our Zeilfelder pumps have been highly valued for over 90 years.

ZEILFELDER offers general overhauls for pumps no longer in production

Due to our enormous in-house manufacturing depth, we are not only able to offer customer-specific solutions at competitive prices, we are also specialized in repairs and general overhauls of our own products and those of other manufacturers (see e.g. MAAG Alinox rotary lobe pump). By maintaining capacity reserves in our large machine park, pump repairs can usually be carried out in the shortest possible time in order to minimize your downtimes. We do not differentiate between our own and third-party products in the prioritization, everyone is served as quickly as possible.


Pumpe MAAG Alinox Verschleiss
Fig.: Retrofit of a pump made by MAAG Alinox with worn components

ZEILFELDER also provides service for third-party products

Our regularly trained installation staff has comprehensive knowledge of the complex world of rotary positive displacement pumps. In this way, we can carry out the replacement of simple wear parts through to a complete general overhaul, usually without any external processes. Due to our large service fleet, we are able to solve many problems even on site. Our comprehensive services include on-site troubleshooting and pump maintenance contracts, and the reduction of downtime in your plant.

Cost savings through repairs - instead of new purchases

Due to the reuse and refurbishment of cost-intensive parts of the pump, the average cost of a repair is only 40-50% compared to a new purchase. The pump is absolutely new after a general overhaul.
Furthermore, in addition to the usual certifications (e.g. ISO 9001:2015), we are also a specialist welding company certified according to EN 1090-2 (EXC3) and ISO 3834-2. Within the scope of these applicable standards and guidelines, we can also carry out repair welding for you.
You benefit from favourable spare part prices by combining order volumes within the ASM Group.

Our ENGINEERING team is waiting for your challenges

MAAG Alinox pump after general overhaul
Fig.: MAAG Alinox pump after general overhaul including new sealing technology