KS & KDS Blue Series


For high viscosity applications and filled materials

Heavy duty long life pumps.
The piston system consists of single-bladed or double-bladed circular pistons that rotate against the moving piston surface of the mating piston.

The piston system ensures:

  • foam-free conveyance
  • a medium suction capacity (suction height up to 4m)
  • piston speeds up to 150 rpm (KS), 750 rpm (KKPS)

To promote:

  • highly viscous, non-flowing media
  • highly filled materials to be conveyed with a dry substance content of up to 94
  • coarsely contaminated materials to be conveyed


Pressure: up to 70 bar
Efficiency: 75 to 92%
Viscosity: 1 to 3.400.000 mPas
Flow rates: 2 up to 2.474 l/min (0,12 to 148 m³/h)
RPM: up to 750 RPM (higher value upon request)
Suction lift: up to 4 m
Particle size: max 50 mm
Temperature: -60 to 450°C
Materials: all available materials
Seals: lip seals, packing, mechanical seals

Flow rates