High performance pumps over 80 years

Customers worldwide trust the exceptional reliability of our  Products “Made in Germany

Our quality standards have been shaped byover 80 years of experience in pump manufacturing and engine and plant engineering.
High durability, solid and innovative construction and quality control are the outstanding traits of our pumps. All components of the pumps are manufactured in Germany. Third party components are manufactured by major Germanfirms.
Besides,we guarantee a quick and efficient service. Service plans can be adapted to the customers’ requirements at any time.

Zeilfelder – Pumps
Over 80 years of commitment to innovation and development

  • 1924: Development and distribution of the first foam-free conveying rotary piston pump for the soap industy
  • 1932: Patent for screw spindles and pumps
  • 1936: Development of first gear pump with special gears for high viscosity fluids
  • 1939: Delivery of first rotary piston pump for foam-free recirculation for multi-stage carbody paint immersion
  • 1940: First rotary piston pump worldwide for non-greasing mediums with high viscosity, heatable to 450°C
  • 1946: Production of externally mountable electric oil-heating jackets
  • 1964: Development of first heatable pump station with upstream grinder and feed screw for non-flowing, lumpy mediums
  • 1979: Delivery of first mobile coating plants for offshore pipe installation
  • 1980: Production of gear pumps with magnetic drive for system pressure up to 100 bar for the petrochemistry
  • 1984: First operation of Zeilfelder pumps on frozen, lumpy mediums
  • 1985: Patent for a multi-phase mixer for the food and chemicals industry
  • 1986: Delivery of spinning pumps with special gear tooth systems for synthetic fiber production
  • 1986: Rotary piston counter for volume flow measurement of low and highly viscous mediums
  • 1987: Delivery of tantalum and iridium special gear pumps for the pharmacological and oil industry
  • 1990: Extension of gear pump to nominal widths of DN 400 und DN 500
  • 1992: Construction of the largest gear pump worldwide for the production of heavy oil (5.000 m³/h. at 300rpm)
  • 1996: Rotary piston pumps with special designs for specialized application in the food industry
  • 2000: Development of world’s first mobile bottling plant for liquid detergents in supermarkets
  • 2003: Production of heatable filters for the pharmacological industry
  • 2005: Manufacturing of automated compact frying-oil cleaning device with specialized pump
  • 2008: Marketing of Zeilfelder-Pumps by ASM-Dimatec; expansion of international business activities; usage of ASM-Group services worldwide
  • 2009: Launch of the new T-Rex heavy-duty pump series for biogas plants
  • 2012: Opening of the new factory in Wolfsburg
  • 2012: Lauch der neuen ZH-i Innen-Zahnradpumpenserie

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