KM Blue Series


For high viscosity applications and filled materials

Heavy duty long life pumps.
The piston system consists of six- (M) or three-lobe (M3) circular pistons which rotate against each other without contact. The advantages of the piston system are in particular the reduction of pulsation and cavitation effects.

The piston system ensures:

  • low pulsation conveyors
  • medium suction capacity (suction height up to 6m)
  • high piston speeds up to 750 rpm

To promote:

  • low to high viscosity media
  • outgassing media
  • media with low crystal content
  • foaming media
  • clenching media.


Pressure: up to 70 bar
Efficiency: 75 to 92%
Viscosity: 1 to 3.400.000 mPas
Flow rates: 2 up to 3.875 l/min (0,15 to 233 m³/h)
RPM: up to 750 RPM (higher value upon request)
Suction lift: up to 6 m
Particle size: max 1 mm
Temperature: -60 to 450°C
Materials: all available materials
Seals: lip seals, packing, mechanical seals

Flow rates