ATEX gear pump – ZH/ZV Blue Series

“Hazardous and explosive substances are often used in the chemical industry, requiring a high level of safety and precision when processing these substances. One of the key components in chemical processing are ZEILFELDER gear pumps, which are used to transport liquids through the production processes.

ATEX gear pumps from ZEILFELDER have been specially developed for use in potentially explosive environments. The abbreviation ATEX stands for “”ATmosph√®res EXplosibles”” and refers to the European Directive 2014/34/EU, which specifies the minimum requirements for equipment and protective systems used in potentially explosive atmospheres.

Gear pumps from ZEILFELDER meet the strict ATEX requirements to ensure that they can be used safely in potentially explosive atmospheres. These requirements include protection against electrostatic discharges, protection against overheating and protection against sparks.

Thanks to their ATEX design, gear pumps from ZEILFELDER offer a high level of safety in the chemical industry when processing hazardous and explosive substances. The ATEX design ensures that the gear pumps are robust and safe enough to withstand the requirements in potentially explosive environments. By using ATEX gear pumps, the chemical industry can make its production processes safer and more efficient, which contributes to higher productivity and a better working environment.”

ZH-ZV Blue Series by Zeilfelder Pumpen

ZH/ZV Blue Series

A high performance pump customized to your needs

With our diverse standard and high performance gear pump range we are able to serve all your needs and respond to any challenge. Our gear pumps are robust, self-priming and are designed for your specific application.