Bitumen pump – ZH/ZV Blue Series – KM Blue Series

“ZEILFELDER positive displacement pumps are ideal for use in conveying bitumen. Bitumen is a viscous, viscous raw material that is solid at room temperature. Moving bitumen from one location to another requires a powerful, heatable pump capable of moving large volumes and generating high pressures.

ZEILFELDER positive displacement pumps are able to move bitumen with high efficiency and reliability. These pumps work on the positive displacement principle, where the liquid is moved by the movement of the delivery piston or gears – depending on whether the bitumen is solids-laden or pure. This displacement principle is particularly suitable for highly viscous liquids such as bitumen, as it ensures an even and constant flow of liquid.

ZEILFELDER positive displacement pumps are robust and durable and are suitable for use in harsh conditions. The pumps are compatible with a wide range of materials, including stainless steel, chrome-nickel alloys or other special alloys that are resistant to the chemical components of bitumen.

In addition, ZEILFELDER positive displacement pumps are equipped with state-of-the-art technology that enables efficient and reliable pumping of bitumen. The pumps are equipped with powerful motors that deliver high performance with minimal energy consumption. They are also equipped with modern control systems that enable precise and controlled pumping of bitumen.

Overall, the ZEILFELDER positive displacement pump is an ideal solution for companies that need to pump bitumen. With their robust design, high efficiency and reliability, they offer a cost-effective and powerful way to move bitumen from one location to another.”

ZH-ZV Blue Series by Zeilfelder Pumpen

ZH/ZV Blue Series

A high performance pump customized to your needs

With our diverse standard and high performance gear pump range we are able to serve all your needs and respond to any challenge. Our gear pumps are robust, self-priming and are designed for your specific application.

KM Blue Series by Zeilfelder Pumpen

KM Blue Series

For high viscosity applications and filled materials

Heavy duty long life pumps. The piston system consists of six- (M) or three-lobe (M3) circular pistons which rotate against each other without contact. The advantages of the piston system are in particular the reduction of pulsation and cavitation effects.