Caustic pump

A lye pump from ZEILFELDER is a robust and reliable pump specially designed for handling corrosive and caustic media such as lyes. Here are some of the advantages of a caustic pump from ZEILFELDER:

  1. Chemical resistance: a lye pump from ZEILFELDER is made of chemical-resistant stainless steels that are resistant to a wide range of aggressive media. This ensures the safe delivery of caustic solutions without corrosion or other damage to the pump.
  2. High performance: A caustic pump from ZEILFELDER offers high performance and can achieve large volume flows and high delivery pressures. These pumps are also capable of pumping viscous media and those with solid content.
  3. Maximum safety: A ZEILFELDER caustic pump meets all relevant safety standards and regulations. They are designed to ensure safe handling of corrosive and caustic media such as lyes, without causing injury or accidents.
  4. Durability: A caustic pump from ZEILFELDER is very robust and durable. They are built to work reliably even under extreme conditions and have a long service life. By using high-quality materials and state-of-the-art manufacturing technologies, these pumps ensure high operational reliability.
  5. Ease of maintenance: a ZEILFELDER caustic pump is easy to maintain and clean. The modular design and quick access to wearing parts make repairs and maintenance quick and easy.
  6. Flexibility: A ZEILFELDER caustic pump is very flexible and can be used for a wide range of applications. Thanks to the wide range of pump sizes and materials available, these pumps can be individually adapted to the customer’s needs.

In summary, a ZEILFELDER caustic pump is an excellent choice for applications where corrosive and caustic media such as caustic solutions need to be pumped. These pumps offer high chemical resistance, performance, safety, durability, ease of maintenance and flexibility.