Chemical pump

“ZEILFELDER chemical pumps are widely used in the chemical industry and are used in a variety of applications. For over 80 years, these pumps have been characterised by their robust design, high performance and long service life, thus providing a reliable solution for pumping chemicals.

Thanks to their design and materials, ZEILFELDER chemical pumps are able to operate under extreme conditions and pump a wide range of chemicals. Whether aggressive chemicals, scream-sensitive substances or high viscosities – ZEILFELDER chemical pumps offer an effective and reliable solution.

Another advantage of ZEILFELDER chemical pumps is their flexibility. The pumps can be supplied in different sizes, materials and configurations to meet the requirements of the specific application. There is a choice of solenoid or coupling drive, various seals or mechanical seal options and materials such as stainless steel, Hastelloy or duplex steel.

ZEILFELDER chemical pumps also offer high precision and metering accuracy, which is crucial in many chemical processes. The pumps enable precise metering and control of the flow rate, which ensures better process control and higher quality of the end products.

In addition to the chemical industry, ZEILFELDER chemical pumps are also used in other sectors such as the food and pharmaceutical industries, the petrochemical industry and many other industrial sectors.

Overall, ZEILFELDER chemical pumps are a reliable and powerful solution for pumping chemicals in a wide range of applications. With their robust design, high precision and flexibility, they are a valuable investment for companies looking for a reliable and effective solution for pumping chemicals.”