Dosing pump

“ZEILFELDER metering pumps offer numerous advantages for applications in various industries, including chemicals, petrochemicals, food manufacturing and building materials. One of the most important features of ZEILFELDER metering pumps is their precise metering capability, which allows accurate control of the amount of liquid being fed into a system.

Thanks to the advanced technology of ZEILFELDER metering pumps, they can meter a wide range of liquids with different viscosities and chemical compositions. The pumps can be capable of dosing chemically aggressive liquids such as acids and alkalis without causing damage to the pumps or mixing of the liquids.

In addition, ZEILFELDER metering pumps also offer high reliability and operational safety. They are robust and durable and can last a long time, even in demanding environments. The pumps are also easy to maintain and clean, which minimises maintenance and operating costs.

Another advantage of ZEILFELDER metering pumps is their versatility. They can be used in a wide range of applications, including dosing chemicals in water treatment plants, dosing ingredients in food production and dosing additives in chemical production.

In summary, ZEILFELDER metering pumps offer precise metering, versatility, reliability and operational safety. With these features, they can be used in many different applications and are an effective solution for precise control of liquid dosing.”