Feed pump

“ZEILFELDER feed pumps are a reliable solution for metered material feed in various industries. This type of pump is often used in plants where liquids need to be fed into a continuous process.

ZEILFELDER feed pumps can be equipped with different displacement elements, such as rotary pistons or gear wheels. This allows them to be adapted to the specific requirements and materials of the process in question. The pump ensures that the material is introduced into the process in a precise quantity and at a precise speed to guarantee a consistent quality of the end product.

Another important feature of ZEILFELDER feed pumps is their precise metering. By using pump housings with special geometries or the use of servo motors, the metering accuracy can be improved even further.

ZEILFELDER feed pumps are available in various designs and can be adapted to the specific requirements of the application. For example, they can be made of different materials to withstand corrosive media. The type of control and monitoring can also be adapted to the requirements of the process.

Overall, the use of ZEILFELDER feed pumps provides reliable and precise material feeding for a wide range of industrial applications.”