Gear pump for paints

“Magnetically coupled ZEILFELDER gear pumps are an excellent choice for paint production. Due to their magnetic coupling, these pumps are a safe and reliable solution for pumping paints and dyes in a wide range of applications in the paint industry.

The ZEILFELDER gear pumps with magnetic coupling are capable of pumping liquids with high viscosities evenly, which is particularly important when it comes to pumping paints. The pumps can easily transport dyes, pigments and other materials with a viscosity of up to 25,000 cP, resulting in continuous and even dosing.

In addition, the magnetic coupling of the ZEILFELDER gear pumps prevents hazardous liquids from escaping, which is crucial in paint production. The pumps provide safe delivery of paints and dyes without leakage or contamination.

Another advantage of magnetically coupled ZEILFELDER gear pumps in paint production is their low maintenance. The magnetic coupling eliminates the need for a conventional shaft seal, which reduces wear on the pump and results in a longer pump life. This results in higher efficiency and lower operating costs.

The use of ZEILFELDER gear pumps in paint production offers many advantages. The pumps are capable of handling liquids with high viscosities and a wide range of materials, while their magnetic coupling ensures safe and reliable delivery of paints and dyes. The pumps’ low maintenance and long service life also ensure higher efficiency and lower operating costs in paint production.”