Gear pump with magnetic coupling

Magnetically coupled ZEILFELDER gear pumps have proven to be extremely effective in the chemical industry for years. These pumps are used because of their magnetic coupling, which prevents hazardous liquids from escaping from the pump and thus ensures safe delivery of chemicals. The pump is thus hermetically sealed.

ZEILFELDER gear pumps are suitable for pumping aggressive, toxic or highly flammable liquids in a wide range of applications. In addition, they are ideal for use in the chemical industry as they enable continuous pumping of liquids at high temperatures and pressures. This is particularly important for the transport of chemical substances that require precise metering.

These magnetically coupled pumps from ZEILFELDER can also be used for pumping liquids with high viscosities. Due to the special design of the gear pump and its magnetic coupling, they can pump liquids with a viscosity of up to 25,000 cP. The magnetically coupled technology also reduces friction within the pump, increasing its efficiency. The ZEILFELDER heatable magnetically coupled gear pump is unbeatable in terms of efficiency and service life.

Another advantage of ZEILFELDER magnetically coupled gear pumps is their low maintenance. The magnetic coupling eliminates the need for a conventional shaft seal and thus reduces wear on the pump. This results in a longer pump life and a low failure rate.

The use of ZEILFELDER gear pumps in the chemical industry offers many advantages. ZEILFELDER’s magnetically coupled technology ensures safe and reliable pumping of chemicals and paints, while the special design of the pump enables continuous pumping of liquids at high temperatures and pressures. The low maintenance and long service life of the pumps also ensure better efficiency and lower operating costs. An important argument especially today in times of constantly rising energy costs.