Plastic recycling pump – KM Blue Series

“High temperature rotary lobe pumps from ZEILFELDER are ideal for use in plastic recycling processes. These pumps are able to guarantee precise and reliable metering of molten plastic even at high temperatures.

ZEILFELDER’s rotary lobe pumps are able to withstand temperatures of up to 450°C due to their robust design and high-quality materials. This enables the pumping of molten plastic without damaging the pump or interrupting the process.

In addition, ZEILFELDER’s rotary lobe pumps enable precise metering of molten plastic. The pumps are able to convey liquids with high viscosities while ensuring uniform dosing. This is particularly important in the plastics recycling industry, as precise metering of the molten plastics leads to a better recycling result.

ZEILFELDER’s high-temperature rotary lobe pumps are also low-maintenance and durable due to their design. Due to their robust design and high-quality materials, the pumps are able to offer a long service life even under extreme conditions. This results in lower maintenance costs and efficient operation.

Overall, ZEILFELDER’s high temperature rotary lobe pumps are an excellent choice for use in the plastics recycling industry. The pumps provide reliable and precise metering of molten plastic at high temperatures and are very low maintenance and durable.”

KM Blue Series by Zeilfelder Pumpen

KM Blue Series

For high viscosity applications and filled materials

Heavy duty long life pumps. The piston system consists of six- (M) or three-lobe (M3) circular pistons which rotate against each other without contact. The advantages of the piston system are in particular the reduction of pulsation and cavitation effects.