Pump for fluids with solids – KM Blue Series

“ZEILFELDER pumps offer many advantages when it comes to using pumps for solids-laden media. In particular, ZEILFELDER rotary lobe pumps are ideally suited for handling solids-laden liquids, which are often found in the chemical and petrochemical industries.

One of the key advantages of ZEILFELDER pumps for solids-laden media is their ability to handle large solids and particles without clogging or failure. Thanks to their robust design and the use of high-quality materials, ZEILFELDER pumps are also able to handle abrasive or corrosive media and ensure a long service life.

Another advantage of ZEILFELDER pumps for solids-laden media is their high efficiency and reliability. They can be used in a wide range of applications, from processing solids in the food industry to pumping bitumen with fillers in the construction industry. ZEILFELDER pumps are also capable of achieving high flow rates, which helps to increase productivity and reduce operating costs.

Overall, ZEILFELDER pumps for solids-laden media are an excellent choice for companies that need a reliable and efficient pumping solution for abrasive, corrosive and solids-laden media. Their robust design, high efficiency and reliability, and ability to handle large particles and solids make them ideal for a wide range of applications.”

KM Blue Series by Zeilfelder Pumpen

KM Blue Series

For high viscosity applications and filled materials

Heavy duty long life pumps. The piston system consists of six- (M) or three-lobe (M3) circular pistons which rotate against each other without contact. The advantages of the piston system are in particular the reduction of pulsation and cavitation effects.