Reactor pump

“ZEILFELDER offers a wide range of gear pumps specially designed for use in chemical reactors. These pumps have several advantages that make them the ideal choice for use in reactors.

A ZEILFELDER gear pump can be used at high pressures and temperatures and is also suitable for abrasive, corrosive and viscous liquids. Thanks to the robust design, they can ensure a long service life and high reliability. These pumps can also be equipped with magnetic couplings to ensure complete sealing and safe operation.

In reactors, ZEILFELDER gear pumps can be used for dosing chemicals, regulating flow or circulating liquids. Precise dosing of chemicals is crucial in many chemical processes and ZEILFELDER pumps can meet these requirements thanks to their high accuracy and repeatability.

Another important feature of ZEILFELDER gear pumps is their high efficiency. They can deliver high volume flows with low energy consumption, which contributes to a high overall efficiency of the reactor system. This is particularly advantageous in continuous processes where the pumps are operated continuously.

Overall, ZEILFELDER gear pumps offer a reliable and efficient solution for use in chemical reactors.”