Stainless steel pump

“ZEILFELDER offers a wide range of stainless steel pumps that can be used in the chemical industry and other industries where aggressive and corrosive liquids have to be processed. Stainless steel pumps from ZEILFELDER are characterised by excellent chemical resistance and a long service life.

The use of stainless steel in pump design at ZEILFELDER offers a variety of advantages, such as high resistance to corrosion and oxidation. Stainless steel is also resistant to high temperatures and pressures, making it an ideal choice for demanding applications. In addition, stainless steel is easy to clean and maintain, which reduces operating costs.

ZEILFELDER offers a variety of stainless steel pumps, including gear pumps, rotary lobe pumps and rotary lobe pumps . These pumps can be used for a variety of applications, such as pumping aggressive chemicals and processing food.

In addition, ZEILFELDER can adapt stainless steel pumps to specific requirements, such as for use in potentially explosive atmospheres or for use at high temperatures or pressures.

Overall, stainless steel pumps from ZEILFELDER offer an excellent solution for demanding applications in the chemical industry and other sectors where corrosion and chemical resistance are crucial.”