Construction Industry

Numerous companies in the construction materials industry rely on the reliability of ZEILFELDER pumps. The machines are primarily used for conveying bitumen, both pure and filled with aggregates, such as stone powder, ash, or rubber. Meanwhile, these aggregates often come from recycling processes. The users are manufacturers of roofing felt or asphalt producers. The building materials industry likewise has numerous applications for conveying highly viscous media.

Typical applications

  • Conveying
  • Dosing
  • Storage
  • Mixing
  • Retrieval

Typical media

  • asphalt coatings
  • paved resin
  • bituminous coatings
  • sealant
  • emulsified asphalt
  • filler
  • filler material
  • insulating material
  • lime-slurry
  • Contact cement
  • Paper coating
  • Paper stock
  • Paper stock
  • Foam
  • Adhesive